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As a lifelong resident of Rogers whose family has lived here well over last century it is an honor to support my community and look for ways to continue to strengthen it. It is so important that as a COMMUNITY we come together for ALL peoples and work together to GROW and be STRONGER TOGETHER.

With over 60% of our area's students on free and reduced lunches - we have work to do.

With most schools and public parks and senior and recreation centers closing water fountains and not providing water or hydration services to their clients all day long - we have work to do.

With domestic violence victims having to print out their own forms and fill out packets of papers with legal jargon to file for orders of protection (many times not understanding the process or not having access to printers so they just give up and end up staying with their abuser) - we have work to do!

With us no longer have any sort of drug or alcohol rehabilitation inpatient program in Northwest Arkansas that accepts Medicaid - we have work to do!

With our educators having the highest burn out rate and quit rate in over 100 years - we have work to do!

With the minimum wage needing to increase to offer individuals a better livable wage, but most small businesses suffering with the economic impact of COVID and being unable to afford to keep up with workforce demands without government relief - we have work to do!

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