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Every member in our community deserves the opportunity to feel cared for and have their basic human rights represented.

We all have value and purpose - whether you were born here or moved here

Whether you are a minority, or in the majority, whether you speak English as your primary language or are working hard to learn

Whether you are in the top 1% or in the other 99%

Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or straight or choose not to identify at all

Whether you are a member of our military service or armed forces or a veteran or you feel underrepresented or have concerns in these areas ---

YOU deserve to be met with compassion and with love and have a leader who listens and is willing to go to bat for you with solutions for our community with tolerance and willingness to create connection and make a difference where it counts.

I am that leader.

I believe we can celebrate each other's differences, and learn from each other. We need each other to be truly great. We need to have some truly thoughtful conversations and be willing to listen and show up.


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