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About Rachel

Hi, I'm Rachel Cox


I am a real person here for real people.

I come from a family of hard-workers, farmers, blue collar, honest, driven, and willing to give the shirt off their own back. 

I have known what it is like to have little, and I have known what it is like to have plenty.  I believe every person deserves dignity and respect. 

Our family has been through its share of ups and downs and in between, and I hope you will find me to be a candidate for the people, by the people.

Please always reach out with questions. I am an open book and approachable.


My name is Rachel Cox and I am running for the Arkansas State House of Representatives District 15.

I was born and raised here in Rogers, Arkansas and our family has been here in Rogers for over a century. 

I feel honored to raise my own kids here.

As a long time, nonprofit executive leader of over 15 years, I have had a unique opportunity to see and understand the needs of our residents on a first hand level. The political climate over the last decade has been so chaotic that I realized it was time to be the change I wanted to see and to stop waiting on someone else to fix it.

I was a young mom (18), and chose to work hard and raise my son, and had the help of my community to get through college, and become a nonprofit Director at age 21.

In my teen years I attended Girls State and was named the United States Senate Youth Scholar for Arkansas selected out of hundreds of students to serve as part of the William Randolph Hearst Foundation and Arkansas Board of Education. Becoming a mom at a young age, I realized the best way to serve others was through community engagement and nonprofit work.

Now 16 years later, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a CEO/Executive Director for multiple nonprofit/charities. I was a foster and adoptive mother for 6 years, and had the privilege of adopting 4 teens who are now all adults, and am still raising my 3 younger children. I’m also a grandma!

In my twenties, I served in the AmeriCorps, which gave me a deep love for my community and public service.

I’ve been blessed to receive many awards and complete many trainings and degrees and certifications over the years - and I know this is only possible because of our amazing community who offered me hand ups (not hand outs).

My experiences both personally and professionally have prepared me to do this role compassionately, and there is much work to do.

While we live in a beautiful part of the world, so many of our citizens have needs that are underrepresented - from small businesses who need resources, to citizens needing affordable housing and affordable child care, to over half of the kids in our area on free/reduced lunches, these are just a sampling of the things that we must change.

I am ready to be a voice to ALL citizens from ALL backgrounds.


We have a chance to come together for the good of our families, businesses, community, and to protect our basic human freedoms and ensure everyone has access to the resources they need to become healthy contributors in our beautiful state.

I hope I can count on your support and your vote!

Rachel Cox
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